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International Festival
"The Ship of Arts"

Pomorie 2019


The International Festival "The Ship of Arts" is held in the beautiful seaside town of Pomorie, Bulgaria every year with the participation of artists and art groups from Bulgaria and abroad. It is open for participation to children and young people aged 6 to 25 years. The festival has a competition section.

Pomorie Municipality and Municipal Children's Complex-Pomorie are the organizers of the contest, which is held under the patronage of the Mayor of Pomorie.

Objectives: Cultural exchange and cooperation between children and teachers from Bulgaria and abroad, promotion of Bulgarian culture; Commitment to the cultural values ​​of music, dance and fine arts; Opportunities for creative expression, promotion of young talents; exchange of repertoire and experience;

Terms of the festival

Groups, ensembles and solo performers can take part in the festival.
The festival is held in two parts - competition and festival. Participants can take part in both parts.

Competition sections:

• Music:

- Musical groups for classical music - academic choirs, soloists ;
- Vocal groups and solo singers of folk songs and pop music;
- Instrumental ensembles and solo players of folk, classical and other instruments;

• Choreography:

- Groups for folk dance, classical ballet, modern ballet, character, cheerleading , sports rock'n'roll , etc.;

• Fine Arts - Artists;

Age categories:

I age group - from 6 to 10 years;
II age group - from 11 to 14 years;
III age group - 15 and over;
Age is determined as of 31.12.2019.

Competition sections, categories and conditions for participation

"Music" Section


a/ classical and folk instruments - piano, violin and other classical and folk instruments and classical and folk singing - solo, ensembles, choirs;
b / pop song - solo, duet, trio, quartet, vocal group.

"Choreography" Section


1. Folk dances.
2. Classical dances.
3. Character dances - stylized stage forms of folk dances.
4. Contemporary dance.

“Fine Arts” Section

Competition - plein air painting - 1 day.
Exhibition - 2 drawings /prepared in advance/

Terms for participation in the competition sections


"Music" Section

Group and individual performances

 The performances in the “Music" category are live with musical accompaniment or instrumental, chosen by the participants.

Playback and duplication of the soloist is not allowed.

Instrumentalists perform 2 pieces – I age group - up to 5 minutes, the rest - up to 7 minutes. Vocal groups are formed of at least two participants. Ensembles involving performers from different age groups compete in the age group of the oldest participant. One of the performances of the participants in the "Pop music" category is in the native language of the participant. Only one performance in a foreign language is allowed. Both songs must not exceed 7 min. For participants in the "Folk Song" category: Two songs lasting up to 7 minutes. For Bulgarian artists - one of the songs  is non-measured.

Note: The application form states the repertoire, song title, composer, editing , lyrics and arrangement , duration.

"Choreography" Section

Individual and group performers, duets, trios, quartets and ensembles can take part in the competition.
Group performances
I . "Folk Dances" category - folklore dance groups - ensembles, groups.
1. Folk Dances - Bulgarian folklore, national folklore of the country of origin of the participants.
2 . Authentic dances and folk customs of the folklore region. Participants present customs up to 7 minutes.
Number of participants :
- In dance groups - up to 8 people;
- In ensembles - without restriction;
Duration: Groups present 2 dances up to 10 min;
Ensembles present programs up to 15 minutes;
Recommendations : Chamber dances should have thematic or plot form.
Note: Please indicate the name of the dance, the choreographer, the composer, the name of the music and the duration in the application form.

II. Classical Dance
Original choreography from the classical heritage or new interpretation on familiar excerpts from ballet works can be presented. Performances must follow the classical dance style. The used classical movements should be consistent with the age of the performers.
Note: Please indicate the name of the dance, the choreographer, the composer, the name of the music and the duration in the application form.

III. Charachter dance
Stylized folk dance gained popularity on stage in opera and ballet. The choreography has the character of the folk dances of the different nationalities.
Note: Please indicate the name of the dance, the choreographer, the composer, the name of the music and the duration in the application form.

IV. Contemporary dance
The performances in this category may be in the following styles: jazz dance, modern dance, Graham, neo classic, etc.
Note: Please indicate the name of the dance, the choreographer, the composer, the name of the music and the duration in the application form.
The performances of the groups (including entry and exit) should not exceed 5 minutes.
Lifting of the partner is not allowed.

Non-standard category

Mime, step, sports rock'n'roll, circus acrobatics, magicians, fashion, etc.

“Arts” Section

Up to three works up to 50/70 cm ( regardless of the type of painting material) are created in the competition. The theme is "Pomorie – the Ship of Arts”. The drawings should have the names of participants, age, city, country, teacher.
Each participant uses his own materials.
The awarded works remain in the festival archives.

The competition program is as follows:

National Children's and Youth Festival "The ship of Arts"

International Children's and Youth Festival " The ship of Arts"


The will to participate in the contest is declared in the application form.
Application forms should be sent to the Municipal Children's Complex.
A survey - creative application form provided by the organizers should be filled and sent to: e-mail: artship@abv.bg; tel.: +359 882420124

Please send the application form in Word format /not scanned or PDF format/.

The festival will be held in Pomorie from 21 till 23 June 2019.

1. Participants present two performances in the competition - each lasting a maximum of five minutes in any requested style for nomination if anything else is not required.
2 . The organizers reserve the right to photograph, film, record and distribute the performances of the competition program without paying rights and compensations.
3 . The program for the order of performances is determined by the Organizing Committee five days before the start of the competition. Changes are not allowed.
4 . The Jury decides which of the awarded participants will be presented at the Gala concert.
5 . Ranking and awards will be announced by the organizers on the 23 June 2019.


The participants ranked first, second and third place in each age group nomination receive a diploma, a medal.
Each group and individual performer receives a certificate of participation.
The jury also awards the Grand prix for each section: Music - Vocal, Instrumental, Choreography, Arts - artist.
Pomorie Municipality has established a prize for "Music teacher", "Vocal coach", "Choreographer - teacher" and "Artist - pedagogue"
The Jury and sponsors also bestow awards.

Financial conditions

International Children's and Youth Festival "The Ship of Arts" :

- For individual participation - 42lv.

- For groups /all sections/ - 200lv.

Travel and daily expenses are borne by the participants. all sums due are paid in cash to the cashier in the Municipality of Pomorie or to a bank account

MUNICIPALITY OF POMORIE          IBAN : BG86UNCR70008422550814 

The deadline for the transfer of the fees is till 10.05.2019. The confirmation is done with a scanned copy of payment via e-mail.

All leaders and participants are insured at their own expenses for the entire period of their stay during the festival. All groups are required to carry the national flag.

The organizers provide assistance in accommodating the groups under favorable conditions, see the links for information. Each group has the opportunity to extend their stay. The leaders of the groups have full responsibility for their groups, costumes, requisite.

The organizers offer entertainment during the festival -  museum visits, walking tours in Pomorie, concerts and festival concert on etc.

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   Organizers of the festival:
   Pomorie Municipality and
   Municipal Children's Complex - Pomorie
   under the patronage of the Mayor of Pomorie

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